The web's largest selection of yarn on cones!

Knit it Now offers the web's largest selection of coned yarn ... priced for every budget!

coned yarn for machine knitters and weavers  


Yeoman yarns is a yarn distributor in the UK. They have a wonderful selection of yarns from single ply acrylic to merino ... to fancies and mohair! They bring us beautiful yarns from world wide sources!

We bulk order Yeoman yarn twice monthly (1st and 15th). Expect delivery to your door in 15-20 days

Color cards are available and are sold in a complete set.  This bundle is stuffed full of the samples of the entire Yeoman line! Get inspired by yarns that you may neve have imagined are available on cones!


Yeoman Yarns on cones



Silk City Fibers offers a wonderful selection and variety of fashion yarns in a wide range of styles and fibers. Their designer yarns are sure to inspire your knitwear designs.

Warehoused in the US, these beautiful yarns are readily available.

Individual cards are available for each yarn. Look for the "Buy Color Card" button on the top right of each yarn page.

For the serious designer, a complete set of samples is available.

Silk City Fibers yarn on cones

  yarn on cones for machine knitters and weavers

yarn on cones for machine knitters and weavers  


Tamm Yarns are a huge collection of mostly man-made fibers. Priced for beginners and production knitters, there is sure to be a perfect yarn style for your project.

These high-quality yarns are the workhorse yarns in the machine knitting world. If you are using existing machine knitting patterns they can easily be substituted for obsolete yarns.

Priced right ... large selection of styles and colors ... fast delivery ... 

Tamm Yarns on cones



Jaggerspun of Maine is a mill located in the US. Their high-quality wool yarns have been a long-time staple for knitters, both hand and machine.

From their workhorse "Main Line" to their gorgeous "Superfine Merino" to their yummy "Heather", this yarn will please the any wool purist! Their yarns are offered in a variety of weights that can be used on any machine.

Jaggerspun wools are readily available ... ready and waiting for your creative inspiration!

Jaggerspun Yarns on cones
  yarn on cones for machine knitters and weavers
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