Yarn too thick for your machine? - try this!

Sometimes the yarn you choose is just a bit too thick for your machine.  I don't mean trying to knit worsted weight yarn on a standard machine!

If the yarn knits at tension 9-10 but it is stiff and hard to knit, try knitting on every other needle. Keeping every other needle out of work allows the stitches to expand and the resulting fabric to be much more soft and pliable.

yarn for knitting machines

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 01/06/2014 at 1:00 AM | Categories:



Pamela wrote on 01/11/14 12:12 PM

Will you be able to use punchcard or electronic machine patterning? Meaning if I have a design setup and am wanting to do a design will it register as normal spacing and select according to the needles in work position? I'm a newer machine knitter and have only been knitting for a year. I've wanted to ask sooner but haven't gotten around to asking anyone yet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes, you would be able to use a patterning machine, but you'd have to punch/program it differently. Let's say you want a 2 row tuck on every 3rd needle. An normal pattern(every needle in work) would look something like this: x=needles in work O=needles in work and selected xxSxxSxxSxxSxx xxSxxSxxSxxSxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxSxxSxxSxxSxx xxSxxSxxSxxSxx Every 3rd needle would select on the patterning rows for tuck. If you are working on every other needle, you'd need to program the machine to select every 6th needle instead of every 3rd. You would punch the card IGNORING EVERY OTHER SPACE, Directing the machine to select the needles you want. EXAMPLE - Tuck every 3rd WORKING NEEDLE x=needles in work o=needles out of work S=needles selected xoxoSoxoxoSoxoxoSoxoxoSo xoxoSoxoxoSoxoxoSoxoxoSo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xoxoSoxoxoSoxoxoSoxoxoSo xoxoSoxoxoSoxoxoSoxoxoSo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Make sense? Anyone have experience with this? ~~~~~~~~~~Sue

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