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Sometimes a knitted swatch comes off the machine skewed. No amount of blocking or ironing will make it square. This tutorial offers tips for dealing with yarn bias.
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Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 08/15/2012 at 11:45 PM | Categories: Machine Knitting Tutorials - Yarn on Cones -


Gail White

Gail White wrote on 10/16/14 9:43 AM

As a former mill owner, fiber processor, currently a teacher of fiber arts, I just watched your video on bias. You're right on, it's the twist of the single or the plied yarn that causes the bias. Sometimes it's just how the yarn comes off the cone when knitting with it. I small amount of overtwist isn't going to affect the kniting bias, one or two twists, however as shown in the video, the ribbon yarn is way over twisted. Singles were use to make the ribbon yarn and that's where the problem is. The follow on procedures didn't not release the overtwist in the finished product. The mill didn't check their product during production. A yarn of this quality would never have left our mill.

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