Wool Washing Suggestions

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A question frequently asked is how to care for clothes made from our yarn (a fine-grade, mule spun yarn that is no longer available). My personal preference is hand washing, although dry cleaning can be used if you choose. The way I wash our garments is to let the washing machine do the work, not my hands.

  • Set for a small load
  • Cold Water
  • Delicate Fabric
  • Add a capful of shampoo (whatever you use on your hair) Do not use shampoo for oily hair - that would strip the lanolin left in the yarn
  • Mix the shampoo and water before placing the sweater in the machine.
  • Let it soak for about 30 minutes
  • Set the machine on the rinse cycle (you may add hair conditioner or softener)
  • Let it rinse using cold water
  • Complete the cycle including the spinning
  • Lay your garment flat to dry

The main culprit in damaging wool garments is the water temperature. Keep the wash and rinse the same. Also, agitation of the fibers; fine-grade wools will not felt, or shrink as easily as will a medium or coarse-grade wool. The machine does agitate slightly during the rinse cycle when set on delicate, so if you were washing something and do not know the grade of the wool, do not use this step. By Marr Haven Yarns

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