What's all the Fuss about DesignaKnit?

What's all the fuss about a new version of DesignaKnit?

  • Re-designed interface
  • Updated Windows functionality with long filenames, network and mousewheel support.
  • Automatic web updates
  • More undo levels
  • Improved linking to your electronic knitting machine
  • Better printed instructions
  • Moveable rulers when designing garments
  • Exact Stitch layout for a preview of your shaped edges
  • New knitting font for easier to read instructions
  • Design cables visually!
  • Improved Interactive Knitting
  • Larger images and more image formats are now supported in the Graphics Studio

WHEW!  For those who have been using DAK for some time, these changes (any many others not listed) will make our design work so much easier and more fun!

New to DesignaKnit?

  • Have you ever seen a sweater in a store or online and said "I can knit that!"?
  • Do you want to design your own sweaters, but hate doing the math?
  • Is your figure unique and patterns just don't fit?
  • Have you ever used or seen a stitch pattern and wished it was larger or smaller?
  • Do you have a favorite punchcard that you'd like to use on your electronic machine?
  • Do you have trouble following knitting patterns (or hate the small type)?

DesignaKnit is for you! (you don't have to be a computer genius to use it!)

Standard Garment Styling is a versatle pattern drafting tool to create a wide range of tops and skirts. Choose your next garment from a large selection of styles for men, women, children or babies. Work from the included standard sizing or edit the measurements for a perfect fit. Get knitting in less than 5 minutes without taking out your calculator!

Stitch Designer contains all the tools you need to create your own stitch patterns. Design multi-colored and textured stitch patterns (including cables). Draw directly on the screen and use any True Type font to make personalized designs. Use your PC to work .... so much easier than blindly entering stitch patterns in your electronic machine with beep-beep-beep.

Visually incorporate your stitch pattern on your garment shape. No math or guessing where the center of the large flower will appear.

Graphics Studio allows you to take any image and convert it to stitch patterns.  Have a photo of your puppy that you'd like to incorporate in your knitting? The Graphics Studio makes it easy!

With Original Pattern Drafting you can alter a standard pattern or start from scratch!  Have an unusual shaped knitted piece in mind? Sidways knitting?  Draw it, and knit it! With the new Exact Stitch Layout feature you will see each edge stitch on the screen so you can plan your stitch design or color work with ease.

Interactive Knitting makes knitting garments a "no-brainer" for machine knitters. Visual row by row instructions tell you when to work your shaping, change colors or work hand manipulation. Included are also a wide range of printout formats.



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Nicoleta wrote on 04/30/13 10:31 AM

I have dak 8 and it's an amazing software. You have always something to discover while using it.

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