What is Double Bed Jacquard?

Double bed jacquard (DBJ) is a ribber technique that allows you to work multi-color knitting without any long floats on the back.  It is basically full-needle rib (all needles in work on both beds) with multi-color fairisle worked on the main bed.

Passap machines excel in this technique. Japanese machines can be problematic, but with patience can produce gorgeous designs!

No matter how experienced you are, to master this technique, you need to take baby steps.

Here are some tips for success:

  1.  Select the appropriate yarn.  You will be knitting full needle rib and carrying strands of color. The yarn needs to be fine. We recommend Yeoman Tibet (3281 YPP), Yeoman Fifty Fifty (3515 YPP) or Wool Crepe 500
  2. Master full needle rib.  Can you work shaping in full needle rib?
  3. Practice with your color changer.  A double bed color changer is a must for any large project. 
  4. It is critical that your ribber is adjusted properly. Many knitter has shed tears attempting this technique only to learn that a simple adjustment solved the problem. Learn how in the excellent printed book "Make Your Knitting Machine Sing"
Double bed jacquard is similar to double knitting in the hand knitting world. It produces a thick fabric that is beautiful for blankets, scarves, vests and jackets..... with no floats!


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