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Bust Darts for Better Fit

All of the instructors at Inspiration 2010 last weekend discussed using bust darts for better fit.

Yes, knits have more stretch than woven fabrics, but if you are larger than an A cup, adding bust darts will give you the length you need for the front of your garment.

This illustration may help you visualize the need for bust darts. We knit our garments with the fronts and backs the same length, but we aren't the same shape on front and back.

There is an excellent article by Connie Hester on this subject - specifically for knitters.

Knit it Now has a tool available to our Subscribers that will calculate the shaping for your bust darts. This tool is also included in patterns where bust darts are appropriate. (Available when you purchase a Dynamic Pattern, even if you are not a subscriber.)

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Vivienne Fagan

Vivienne Fagan wrote on 02/24/11 9:12 AM

I tried that shaping when I finished off the tee shirt front, and it worked perfectly. I was surprised what a difference ten or so rows made to the hang of the garment, and you can't see the dart at all as I used a Denis Brunton yarn so the shapings are hidden in the variegated colour pattern! Vivienne

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