The Perfect Coned Yarn - Results Part 2

When asked, machine knitters are looking for "better" yarns to knit.

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"There are way too many man made coned yarns. It would be really nice to see more handknitting style yarns available on cones." ~A Davies
Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 04/21/2014 at 7:32 AM | Categories:


Sherri Hanke

Sherri Hanke wrote on 04/24/14 8:02 AM

Only use natural fibers! Love the feel, look, and wearability. Favorite ....silks, linens, & cottons. Lots of requests for anything without wool.
Peggy Chaplin

Peggy Chaplin wrote on 04/24/14 12:27 PM

I too am wanting the natural fibers icl. wool....I find the wool crepes make a garment that goes through most seasons....linens, silk, rayon, wool-ray, bamboo...some of the new polys' are a better quality but I find I still prefer the naturals....I would esp. like if you got in more linen
Grace Wiley

Grace Wiley wrote on 04/24/14 6:08 PM

I really look for the blends of natural fibers with a stable fiber for strength and durability such as nylon with a super wash merino for socks and baby wear. Machine washability is a big plus for many people. While I am fine with most of the man made yarns available in cone, many of which have come a long way since childhood, I would like to see broader availability in the natural fiber selection on cone. I am impressed with the survey results-fairly even across the natural and natural blend spectrum!
Kate Swain

Kate Swain wrote on 04/24/14 8:25 PM

Since I machine knit and weave on a large jack loom, natural yarns and blends are the way to go. I just love the feel of something that is so organic.
Karla Tschida

Karla Tschida wrote on 05/03/14 12:37 PM

I would love natural and manmade blends that do not pill. I like to use bulky and mid-gauge machines, so I would like sport and aran weights, DK weights, etc.

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