The Best Knitting Machine Accessory - IMHO

With all the wonderful things we can do with our knitting machines, one of the best features for me is the row counter!

Sure, we can produce beautiful fabrics quickly and we can do things that hand knitters wouldn't dream of trying. But when I hand knit, I really miss my automatic row counter. I guarantee that the sleeves of my last hand knit sweater were different lengths ... not so for my last machine knit sweater!

All of the various brands of machines have different styles of row counters, no matter what the design of your machine, you'd be lost without it!

Toyota KS858 Row counter

This is the row counter on my Toyota 858 machine.  The little silver row counter lever is inserted in the carriage.

On each pass of the carriage, the elbow bumps into the row counter and increases the count.

To stop the row counter (when working darts for example), simply remove the hook

The carriage of the Singer 360 has a built-in row counter tripper (no external lever).

To stop counting, move the lever on the right to from the triangle to "O".

Singer 360 Row Counter
 Brother 970 Row Counter

The electronic Brother 970 has a plastic tripper on the back of the carriage.  The trips the electronic Row counter in the CB-1 Box.

Toggle the plastic tripper to stop counting.


Brother 970 Row Counter

Some carriages have a row counter tripper built into the top of the carriage.  When engaged the tripper advances the count.

To disable, lift the lever.

 knitting machine row counter

Row counter Silver Reed LK150

The Silver Reed LK-150 tripper is part of the carriage and you can't remove it or turn off the tripper.

The counter is removable from the bed,  you need to remove the row counter to disable row counting.

The hard part is remembering to put it back in place when you want to start counting again!  :o)

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Joanie Stuart

Joanie Stuart wrote on 04/05/16 4:15 PM

You are so right!! I wish someone would invent a row counter with an alarm.
Anne Windh

Anne Windh wrote on 04/07/16 11:43 AM

Yes - The Row Counter - can't manage without it, my RC on the LK150 has given up, - it goes up to 9, and thats it. Is another one available for purchase anywhere?. I really need to get one to avoid too many mistakes Can anyone help? Sue, - I love all you are doing for all of us. Thank you anne

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