Swatching is not an option!

The Knit it Now pattern engine creates patterns based on your gauge.  We do not suggest a gauge for any pattern.  Everyone knits differently.  Each knitting machine knits slightly differently. 

One of the goals of Knit it Now patterns is to eliminate the tedious and time-consuming efforts in matching someone else's gauge.  Knit your own swatch at a tension that feels good to you, then build the pattern based on your swatch.

You might fall in love with a pattern and the photo is knitted in a worsted weight yarn.  Use your creativity and knit it in DK weight. Try holding 2 strands of yarn together for a completely different look.  With the Knit it Now Engine, the sky is the limit!

Just remember ..... swatching is not optional!  In order to create a pattern you must enter a gauge!


Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 02/05/2010 at 11:16 PM | Categories: General Info -


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