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An attendee at a last night's webinar "Charity Knitting" was an absolute "newbie" to machine knitting.  She's on the right track, has completed an afghan as her first project, has a great attitude and is exicted about learning more.

She asked "what is DAK" and "do I need and electronic machine to use it?"

I'd forgotten that when I was a "newbie", experienced MKers threw out terms offhand that I didn't understand. Now I'm guilty of doing it too!

DAK stands for DesignaKnit, a drafting software program for knitters (both machine and hand). It is very powerful. It includes garment design, stitch design and a powerful graphic design section.  Although it is very helpful to knitters with electronic machines, you do not need one.

But I also pointed out to her that she doesn't "need" DAK. There are lots of drafting options available, including pencil, paper and a calculator.

I've used many of the packages on the market and they all have one thing in common ... I found that I spent more time installing, learning and playing with them than I did knitting!

I created Knit it Now for this very reason.  When I get inspired and have some time available, I want to knit - not sit at the computer playing with numbers.

Become a member (share your email address witih us) and you'll receive a free pattern. Take a look - if your gauge swatch is already knit, you'll be knitting in minutes - not reading an instruction manual.

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