Silk: The Queen of Fibers

100% Silk yarn on cones!

Yeoman Silk Bourette is a treat for machine knitters. Available in one color, it allows you to go "au natural" or dye-it-yourself!

Silk Bourette is known as Silk Noil. It is made from the use of very short fibers (silk noils). The construction gives the yarn texture, nubs and includes slight impurities that give the finished product character.

Unlike silk yarn used for hand knitting, this yarn is more casual (think cotton)

It is often used by weavers and is popular with machine knitters as well.
Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 03/20/2015 at 8:49 PM | Categories:


Shirley Grossman

Shirley Grossman wrote on 03/21/15 3:05 PM

This silk yarn sound delicious. When can we see it? ~~~~The yarn is available now. I'll be happy to send you a small reeling so you can check it for yourself ~~~~ Sue

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