Prevent UFO's - Plan Ahead

"My sweater (sleeve, neck opening, ribbing) is too big!"

You find a pattern style you want to knit and it looks great on the model or in the drawing. You knit exactly to the pattern instructions and it comes out too large or small.
Don't let this happen to you!

BEFORE you start to knit, examine the pattern schematic.


Sleeve length:
How is the sleeve measured? From the center back of the neck, the shoulder or from the underarm?

Does the pattern dimension match the dimension of your favorite sweater?

If not, make adjustments BEFORE you start knitting!

Techniques to Shorten or Lengthen sleeves:

  1. Pencil and Paper Charting
    This video will introduce you to the Knit it Now Taper Tool PLUS walk you through the pencil and paper calculation for lengthening or shortening a sleeve.
  2. Magic Formula
    If you are comfortable with math, learn how to accurately calculate the shaping instructions for any increased or decreased piece ... with no guesswork!
  3. Tools
    Forget the math! Use the Knit it Now Magic Formula Tools
  4. Dynamic Patterns
    Our dynamic patterns provide a quick link to a tool for re-calculating sleeve length. Just enter your desired length and follow the new instructions for perfection.

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