Short Rows for necklines

One technique for shaping necklines is using short rows. But you need to remember the relationship between stitches and rows when picking up the shortrowed stitches to compelte your neck band

You are trying to join rows to stitches.

If your gauge is 6 sts and 12 rows to the inch and you've used short rows for your shaping, you have 12 stitches (1 inch) to knit up for the band.

When you pick up these 12 stitches(one from every row) to knit the band, you have 2" (6 STITCHES = 1" x 2). You'll be creating a pretty ruffled band ... not what you want.

In this case, when you re-hang your neckline to knit up your band, you'll need to decrease these 12 stitches to 6 stitches for the band to lie flat.



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