Set In Sleeve

A fellow knitter recently commented that her set in sleeve pattern looked "wonky". There were 74 rows in the armhole opening and 62 rows in the sleeve cap. She thought the sleeve cap was "too short". Taking a look at how a set in sleeve is inserted in the armhole, notice that the red line MUST be the same length as the green line. (This drawing isn't to scale, but you get the idea). If the sleeve cap had an equal number of rows, it would be too big for the armhole!

When you work this seam, you are joining stitches to stitches at the underarm (blue line), rows to rows, then stitches to rows at the very top (Yellow section).


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Here's a basic set in sleeve pattern that you can use with any yarn and any machine! (Even Hand knitting). Create mini or full size sleeves to perfect your shaping and seaming skills.
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