Ribber Cover Tip

When you aren't using your ribber, it's always good to cover the needlebed. This keeps you from catching your sleeves or fingers in the gate pegs or needles as you work on the main bed only.

Ribber covers were available for machines, but in a pinch, manilla file folders do the trick!  You can also safely pull your knitting out over the ribber bed as you work.


knitting machine ribber cover

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 11/17/2013 at 7:19 AM | Categories:



Sue wrote on 11/23/13 7:38 AM

Great idea! Why didn't I think of that? :@)

Lisa wrote on 11/26/13 7:07 PM

Sue, this is a great tip! I was on my way to knitting shop to buy covers for my chunky ribber. Thank you!

Andrea wrote on 11/28/13 3:14 PM

Terrific tip! I was thinking about what I could use just the other day! :) THANKS!

Lesley wrote on 12/03/13 6:38 AM

I have the old ribber covers, but with the slightest knock, they fall on the floor, catching my shins on the way down!!!! I think the folders would be a better idea. Thank you.
Mary Jo

Mary Jo wrote on 12/04/13 2:31 AM

Great thinking... wish I had thought of the file folders before I bought my covers and before I broke a gold bracelet. I did finally put a folded sheet over the ribber but the file folders is a much better idea by far!! ~~~~~~~~In a pinch magazines work, too ~~~~~ Sue

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