Replacement Sponge Strips

Having trouble patterning?

Dropping stitches?

How old is your sponge bar?

If it's been a while since you've used your machine or you are having trouble knitting, it's probably time to replace your sponge bar.


Natalia Fedner is a fashion designer (and machine knitter) who has developed a line of replacement sponge strips for our knitting machines.

Her sponge strips use the finest material and she's done her homework in researching the correct size for the most common machines.

Save $$$ by re-using the metal bar from your machine and replace only the sponge strip. 

SPONGEBAR.COM strips are reasonably priced and Natalia is offering FREE SHIPPING! in the US (refresh all of your machines!)




sponge strips for knitting machines

Sponge Strips are easy to replace
Watch the video
Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 03/17/2015 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Machine Maintenance -


Dennis Johns

Dennis Johns wrote on 09/12/13 7:24 PM

I like this way to use this spongebar strips. Also you can put them in anytime when you need them.

Heidi wrote on 03/19/15 9:25 AM

Is the foam engineered to be the same as the original sponge strips? Many people use weather stripping, and you shouldn't, as the foam of weather stripping doesn't have the same give. If the foam isn't to the standards of the machine manufacturer, you can actually damage the internal components of your machine by causing wear to the metal needle channels.

Natalia wrote on 03/31/15 12:04 PM

Hi Heidi! Completely agree with you regarding weather foam. Here's a link where you can learn more about our foam which is actually BETTER than the original. It's engineered to last longer so you don't have to replace your sponge as often:

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