Recommended Summer Reading

Recommended Summer Reading

Jodi's Favorite Demos

So often at seminars there are many knitters desperately trying to watch demonstrations, take intelligent notes, or tape the proceedings - only to find when they return home the tape did not record, or the notes made no sense whatsoever. And, being so busy trying to capture the material, they didn't have a chance to see all the things the instructor was showing. How frustrating. Have you been there?"

This book includes many detailed handouts that Jodie used over the years. Even though the photos are dated, the book is chock full of timeless information for machine knitters.

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  • Bobbin Weaving (Intarsia) detailed instructions
  • Isolated and Alphabet Knitting
  • Sport Towel with Graphic DesignsBlock Alphabet Graph (vertical and horizontal)
  • International Signal Flag code graph
  • Script Alphabet and Slanted Script Graphs
  • Fingertip Towel with Graphs

Well known, long time machine knitter Jodie Raymond traveled extensively sharing her knowledge of machine knitting.  Known for her excellent finishing work and her clear instructions, Jodi authored 17 books in her long career.

Knit it Now is honored to have purchased the publishing rights her books and is including her work in tutorials and patterns.

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