Lesson Learned - Raglan Seams

As always, I was in a hurry to start and finish a sweater.

I was testing our newest raglan basics patterns. Planning a crochet finish on all the edges, I decided to save time and work a simple edge stitch decrease for the raglan seam shaping.

I just used a single prong transfer tool and moved the outside stitch to it's neighbor, decreasing a stitch. What happens when you don't leave a seaming stitch on the edge? It's impossible to seam!
I ended up crocheting the seam, but the result is uninspired ...


raglan seams for machine knitting


Try seaming this ugly edge neatly ...

  If only I'd used a 2 prong tool .... it would have been just as fast, but by doubling up the 2nd stitch from the edge, I'd have a seaming stitch... and a much prettier seam.

For more decorative seam options, look for our newest book "Decorative Raglan Seams for Machine Knitters". Decorative Raglan Seam Decreases for machine knitters 22 pages full of inspiration to make your seams the focus of your raglan sweater.
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Galina Sanicova

Galina Sanicova wrote on 04/21/16 3:36 PM

Thank you for the very interesting information!

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