Quick Knitting - Great Style - Eden Poncho

machine knit poncho pattern  

Choose a fabulous, fine yarn, knit a rectangle, stitch one seam, finish the edges (or not) and you have a fun, useful designer poncho, like the one seen at KERISMA KNITS.

Watch the free video to see a number of ways it can be worn.


Use the Knit it Now Rectangle Tool for no math!
  Suggested Yarns:

? ? ? ? Are you interested in a pattern for this poncho? ? ? ?

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Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 03/14/2014 at 2:46 PM | Categories: Inspiration for machine knitters -


Vivienne Fagan

Vivienne Fagan wrote on 03/15/14 8:29 AM

This looks to tick lots of boxes. Simple no shaping knitting, with the chance to use up lots and lots of ends of cone in stripes or fair isle or knitweave perhaps (so long as the fabric an be steam pressed I suppose!). I like it. I might even try out a few ideas on "mini ponchos" for Ronnie's teddy bears.
Susan McBean

Susan McBean wrote on 03/15/14 10:36 AM

I think any pattern that has that much versatility would be great. I can envision that in tucks, though it looked great in just plain stockingnet at the Kerisma site ! Thanks
Sharon Shattan

Sharon Shattan wrote on 03/15/14 2:23 PM

I like this and could easily make it. I do not quite understand how it gets the V neck. A simple square pattern whould make it easier to visualize. Of course I probably could make a paper square and figure it out myself. But I am lazy.
Kathy Hughes

Kathy Hughes wrote on 03/15/14 2:45 PM

This is a very pretty poncho and can be made fancy or plain depending on what you decide to do to it.
Judy Latting

Judy Latting wrote on 03/15/14 7:55 PM

I'd be interested in a pattern, or at least directions on where that one seam would be (I could probably figure out the rectangle... I happen to have plenty of co-op yarn to choose from ;)
Donna Blakey

Donna Blakey wrote on 03/15/14 9:57 PM

I would really like to try making this. My daughters and myself would enjoy having one. Thank you very much!
Bonnie Abell

Bonnie Abell wrote on 03/15/14 11:37 PM

I would just like to know the dimensions.

Nancy wrote on 03/16/14 7:40 AM

Just what I was looking for. Dress it up, dress it down, what a great must have for any wardrobe!
Nancy Mangaeri

Nancy Mangaeri wrote on 03/16/14 10:14 PM

I just watched a sewing program on PBS a couple of weeks ago where they made a similar poncho using silk fabric! I thought it looked neat enough that I took notes so I could knit one....I looks to be a stash-buster of a pattern!
martha ann

martha ann wrote on 04/24/14 5:29 PM

yes! I want a pattern for this!

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