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We've had many requests for plus size patterns recently.  Forgive me while I step up on my soapbox about machine knitting and pattern writing.  

There are so few new patterns being written for machine knitters in any size these days but there are thousands of patterns available for hand knitters!  ALL machine knitters need to improve their skills to be able to adapt these patterns to the knitting machine.

Home Study: Using HK patterns for MK (free for subscribers)

Are you a machine knitter who wants more pattern choices?


    OK maybe using a calculator isn't your thing, but there are many excellent software choices available. Create your own patterns by copying what you see in magazines. Learn to recognize basic sweater shapes.

    Home Study: Pencil and Paper Charting

    Home Study: Pencil and Paper Charting 2


    These clever devices allow you to use schematics for your knitting. Other than determining your gauge, there is minimal math involved.


    Yes, we are limited to the size of our needlebeds.  Hand knitters can cast on as many stitches as they like (even knit entire sweaters in one piece). But there are many options for machine knitters.

    Video: Not enough Needles?

    Video: Not Enough Needles? Part 2


    Some hand knitting stitch patterns cannot be done on the machine.  At least they cannot be done without a whole lot of hand manipulation, defeating the whole idea of using the knitting machine for speed.  Learn more about stitch patterns that are available on knitting machines and adapt them to your projects.

Stepping down from my soapbox ....

No matter what size knitter you are, learning the skills to create your own patterns (or adapt the wealth of hand knitting patterns) is essential for your knitting journey. Unlike hand knitters, we machine knitters only need to invest a few days of our knitting time to learn new things and experiment to create our "perfect" sweater. 

machine knitting patterns





Interested in plus size knitting?
Check out Julie Matthews website and blog, Knitting at Large. Julie is a plus size knitter who really knows her stuff!
As a machine knitter, you can easily adapt her ideas for your own knitting.



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Lucy Wynne

Lucy Wynne wrote on 08/12/16 7:31 PM

Hi, I just stumbled on you while researching KM patterns. Usually I crochet but sadly Arthritis and other health issues are putting paid to this :-( As I have a huge stash of wool some inherited from dearly loved Nanna I need to use it. Your writing has inspired me to believe that "Yes" it is worth my while buying a KM and continuing to make my own lovely, individual clothes. So many thanks for keeping this craft avenue open to me a while longer with your fun to read & informative soap box.

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