Why are these women smiling?

I was at the airport recently and noticed a beautiful woman waiting for my flight. She obviously was a business woman and was dressed nicely, her hair was stylish, her makeup was perfect. Really put together…. But I noticed that her sweater didn't fit! The shoulders drooped, she wore it open (because she probably couldn't button it) and she had the cuffs rolled up!
As a knitter, I was horrified! Then I remembered this fantastic printed book from Cabin Fever "Need a Plus size Cardigan?" The authors have spent quite a bit of time interviewing, measuring, teaching and working with knitters of all shapes and sizes.
The result is an excellent book that allows you to custom fit your plus size cardigan for your shape!
Because this book is written for hand knitters, we created a Home Study Course for machine knitters. Included is a detailed Knit it Now video taking you step by step through the knitting process on the knitting machine. You'll start knitting at the neck and join the body and sleeve sections at the yoke as you go. When you are done knitting, you'll only have the side seams to finish and the front band to knit.
Many options for custom fit:
  • Adjust the overall garment length
  • Adjust the sleeves to make them narrower or wider as needed
  • Add waist, hip or a-Line shaping to the body
  • Prevent the front pull-up due to fuller bust or tummy

Machine Knitting
Home Study Course

  • Translate hand knitting instructions into machine knitting terms
  • Create personal knitting pattern from charts in the book
  • Choose fit options for personalized sizing
  • Choose knitting options for machine knitting
  • View start-to-finish video including machine knitting tips
Get out your tape measure, pencil and paper and put on your thinking cap. With the Cabin Fever book and the Knit it Now Home Study Course, you'll soon be wearing your new cardigan proudly!

PS. Subscribers . . . take 10% off both book and course!
Use coupon code PLUS when checking out. Offer good until Jan 31, 2013
Get yours today!


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