Personalize your knitting

Knitters often want to add names or words to their knitting. There are a number of techniques machine knitters can use to easily add words to blankets or hats.

  1. Knit the item and embroider the names with duplicate stitch
  2. Use fairisle
  3. Knit the words in fairisle and add a knitted lining to enclose the floats (make a double-thick blanket or hat)
  4. Use machine embroidery
  5. Dust off your ribber and color changer and work double bed Jacquard
All of these techniques require some planning. How many stitches and rows do you have to work with? What style of letters do you want?

These days we can use software to help us chart. DesignaKnit and Stitch Painter are great for quickly creating charts.

Using pencil and paper is another option. Knitters graph paper is invaluable for charting your design. Because knitting isn't square, it's important to consider your stitch and row ratio. Use the Knit it Now "to scale" graph paper for accuracy.

Long-time instructor, Jodie Raymond's "Favorite Demo's Volume I" book is an excellent resource for information about adding wording and motifs to your knitting. The photos are dated, but the instruction provided is timeless.


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