Perfect Ribber Selvage

The key to a neat ribber edge is to make the initial zig-zag row tight.

No matter what needle setup or cast on method you are planning to use, getting that first row tight will ensure a tidy edge.

  machine knitting ribber cast on
machine knitting ribber cast on  

In this image the top edge is sloppy.  Not only is it loose, but some of the strands of yarn have been split by the cast on comb.

Follow the steps below for the much-nicer lower cast on edge.


  • Set the tension of both carriages as tight as is appropriate for your yarn.
  • Brother machines - slip the Slide lever to II (2 for tiny)
  • Loop the working yarn around the connecting pin for the zig-zag row . This will add even more tension on both beds for a tighter edge. (Try keeping this setup to keep your slip rows tight as well)
  • Take care not to split the zig zag strands with the cast on comb.


  machine knitting ribber cast on
  Watch the Knit it Now Tutorial "Perfect Ribbing Cast Ons" for more tips! 
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