PDF files on an iPad

Knit it Now eBooks and patterns are created in PDF format.  Take the following steps to view and save PDF eBooks on your iPad.


  1. Open an internet browser on your iPad
  2. Go to www.knititnow.com
  3. Log in (it will say "welcome back" at the top right)
  4. Tap "Account"
  5. In the middle of the page is "My Library" and a number of tabs - Tap "eBooks"
  6. Tap the Title of your book
  7. Tap the "download" button
  8. The book will display, so you can easily read it.
  9. If you tap on the screen, you will see an iPad button that says "open in". (top right)  I like to store my eBooks in iBooks so I can refer to them easily.

Don't forget!
Your book will remain in your Knit it Now Library so you can download again whenever you like.


Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 04/28/2013 at 2:25 PM | Categories:


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