PDF files on a Kindle

Did you know you can download PDF files on a Kindle?

Your Kindle 2nd Generation device can display PDF documents without losing the formatting of the original file. Send PDF documents directly to your Kindle device (via your Send-to-Kindle address), or drag and drop PDF files from your computer to your Kindle device via USB. You can also magnify PDFs by viewing them in landscape mode.


  • Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB cable. After drivers are installed, you can see your Kindle device as a disk drive.
  • Navigate to “documents” folder on your Kindle device
  • Copy your files in PDF format there
  • Safely eject the device


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Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 04/20/2013 at 12:05 PM | Categories: General Info -


Annika deGroot

Annika deGroot wrote on 04/23/13 11:13 AM

Yes! You can even download pdfs to a Kindle Touch and other e-readers in the Kindle family. If it's a Kindle e-reader and not a Kindle Fire, the results will be in black and white, but it can be done. (How do I know this? I work on the Kindle team writing their help documentation.)

Robin wrote on 04/25/13 10:36 AM

Not sure which ones are "2nd generation" but this procedure works with the original Kindle Fire as well... I use the Adobe Acrobat app as an alternative to the "native" Kindle pdf reader; each displays some files better than the other, so if I don't like the way one does it, I try the other.

Kathy wrote on 04/26/13 9:18 PM

Can the Nook Color read pdf files also? Has anyone tried this?

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