Pattern Engine verses Pattern Library

The Knit it Now Pattern Library is a collection of traditional knitting patterns.

  • Designed in a specific gauge with a specific yarn, the knitter is required to match the gauge or re-chart the design for best fit.
  • Each printed pattern contains all sizes.
  • Patterns from the pattern library can be purchased individually.


The Knit it Now Pattern Engine is a collection of knitting patterns with many more features:

  • They are designed so the knitter can use any yarn in any gauge. All the math is done for you, so you can get down to what you love ... knitting! 
  • Each pattern generated is printed in a single garment size, reducing the clutter of unused sizes on the page. 
  • The patterns can be re-sized as often as you like
  • The patterns can be generated multiple times in different gauges.
  • Electronic shape and stitch files (DAK) are often included
  • For machine knitters, 2 styles of patterns are presented.  One in the tradtional style - paragraph format instructions - the other in a row by row format that helps when multiple garment shaping sequences need to be done at the same time.
  • Patterns from the Engine are purchased with credits. Amounts vary by complexity of the pattern and the designer.
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