No more waste yarn!


cast on rag for machine knitters


Many machine knitters (especially those who started out as hand knitters and/or spinners) cringe at the idea of "waste yarn".  I've seen knitters take time to collect small balls of yarn to use over and over for scrap and ravel cast on.

Seriously?  You don't have enough yarn in your stash to throw away a few yards of yarn now and then?  

If you are "one of those" think about using a Cast on rag. 

Recently I ran across a suggestion to crochet a strip to use for casting on. What a great idea!  Chain the desired length, then work a couple of rows of single or double crochet.  Work this loosely.

  1. Hang the rag on the needles by picking up an edge of the cast on rag (you don't have to be perfect, this is supposed to be fast)
  2. Knit 1 row of ravel cord (recycled or otherwise)
  3. Cast on with your main yarn or just start knitting if you want open stitches (to re-hang for a hem, for example)
  4. Pull out the ravel cord (save it to re-use it, if you must)
  5. No waste yarn ... use your cast on rag over and over
cast on rag for machine knitters

What if you don't crochet?

You can knit a diagonal cast on rag on the machine - subscribers, check out the Knit it Now Videos:



Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 06/04/2012 at 1:05 PM | Categories: Crochet - Machine Knitting Tools and Accessories - Yarn on Cones -


Ann-Blair White

Ann-Blair White wrote on 04/18/13 12:41 PM

I made one of the diagonal ones on my standard gauge and the loops up the side of it are perfectly spaced for my LK150, so I've been using it on that machine all the time. Very handy to have one of these cast on rags !
Getta Mauer

Getta Mauer wrote on 05/15/14 7:03 AM

I think it may be usefull for hanging over work in progress, such as holding st for necklines, so the yarn will not be damaged by the carriage running over the same area again and again. Casting on, well I have plenty yarn for that ...
Morag Walker

Morag Walker wrote on 11/01/14 10:49 AM

Hello Sue Thank you for sharing this with us, what a great idea.
Diane Pederson

Diane Pederson wrote on 11/01/14 2:37 PM

What a great idea! You could make several different widths to use, depending on width of number of stitches you planned on knitting on machine! As usual, thanks again.
Nancy Mangeri

Nancy Mangeri wrote on 11/02/14 9:01 PM

I believe that a knitted cast-on rag is a great first project for the beginning machine knitter. Learning increasing and decreasing on a project that will be usable no matter how it looks will help the new knitter relax and become familiar with their machine.

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