My Armholes are too long (part 2 of 3)



KNITTER: This pattern is wrong, my armholes are too long

KIN: What do they measure?

KNITTER: Over 9" - almost 9.25"

KIN: What is your gauge?

Pattern gauge: 11 rows = 1"
Pattern armhole total rows = 94 rows
94 / 11 = 8.55" (total armhole depth)
Knitters's gauge" 10.25 rows = 1"
Pattern armhole total rows = 94 rows
94 / 10.25 = 9.17" (too long!)

The knitter took time to swatch, but didn't realize how important it was to MATCH gauge to the printed pattern. This difference will mean she will have trouble setting in the sleeves of her sweater.

Watch a video about matching gauge

With Knit it Now's DYNAMIC PATTERNS, she could have entered in HER gauge and the armholes would have been perfect. 

Click to learn more about Dynamic patterns

NOTE: This is not intented to make fun of anyone or discourage anyone from asking questions. Let's LEARN from each other!

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