4 Ways to Estimate Yarn Requirements

One of the most often asked questions is "How Much Yarn do I need?" If you substitute yarn or create your own sweater designs (or variations), learning how to estimate the yardage needed is critical to success.

Here are 4 suggestions.

1. Calculate based on a swatch using math.

Measure and weigh your swatch. Use math to estimate the amount of "yardage" needed for your pattern pieces.


2. Calculate based on a swatch using the Knit it Now Tool

Enter your numbers and let Knit it Now do the math!

3. Compare yardage estimates from a similar knitting pattern.

Check magazines and your pattern library to "guestimate" yarn needed. Rely on your previous experience with machine knitting yarn.


4. Use the "Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements"

This is an inexpensive "must have" resource for all knitters
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