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Yarn in Balls?

At one time, machine knitters had a large variety of yarns on cones available. Brother even offered their own line of yarn on cones! Sadly, those days are behind us. Those of us who love our standard gauge machines are using the "same 'ol, same 'ol" yarns.

Knit it Now is always on the lookout for coned yarn for machine knitters - especially the finer yarns for our standard machines.

Would you be interested in standard gauge yarns in packs of 40,50 or 100 gram balls?

Knit it Now has an opportunity to offer some new styles of yarns in updated colors (included space-dyed), at reasonable prices. Available are washable acrylics, cottons and blends.

Is this of interest to you?

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 02/20/2015 at 10:41 PM | Categories: Polls -



Judy wrote on 02/21/15 11:50 AM

Definitely interested. The excessive varieties is part of what makes hand knitting fun. However as a newby to mk I'm looking at cost, understanding size for my machine, amount of yarn, ease right now of turning out a decent quality item instead of ripping out and making a scarf and mittens because I don't like the way it made up so yea interested but leaving decisions to experienced knitters

Tanya wrote on 02/21/15 11:51 AM

I'm very interested in this idea. I have been well pleased with Loops & Threads Woolike for the standard gauge machine. In 100gm skeins, at $2.99ea, it comes out to something like $14 per pound. Quite a low price for a decent yarn. Though it is acrylic. But I would be interested in other, nicer yarns in skeins if they come out to comparably good prices per pound.
Karen Raven

Karen Raven wrote on 02/21/15 12:08 PM

I much prefer to knit with coned yarn but I have found Woolike by Loops & Threads available only at Michael's in 3.5 oz. balls only. This yarn is such a good deal. It's 85% acrylic and 15% nylon and knits like a dream on my standard. It is soft and silky and washes & dries in dryer like a rag. The regular price is $3.99 and there are 678 yds. per ball. I talked to Michaels customer service about having it put up on cones and they will do it for $500 per color. If enough people are interested, this might be something you could pursue. Everyone should just get 1 ball, make a swatch and keep it in their laundry hamper like I did for 8-10 washing/dryings. I don't usually like synthetic yarn but this is such a good deal, I am using it for all kinds of people who don't want to hand wash.
Sigrid Lefebvre

Sigrid Lefebvre wrote on 02/21/15 12:13 PM

I would prefer to see more coned yarns rather than gram balls and would like to see more colours in coned yarns. I feel a lot of yarn is wasted when you have to start another ball because the yarn left on the last ball is not enough to knit another row.

Jean wrote on 02/21/15 12:56 PM

I would be somewhat interested....the one question I have is how big would the put-ups of the packs be? I have gotten that I even handknit with my coned yarn and appreciate not having to join the yarns as I go.
Florence Levy

Florence Levy wrote on 02/21/15 1:17 PM

Most definitely! I currently do use balled no. 1 and 2 yarns on my standard gauge.

Stefania wrote on 02/21/15 1:35 PM

I am sorry I must use Yarns in cones and only 100% wool, Yarns in balls leave too many yarns around after completing the knitting, so too much work since I sale what I knit
Julie Tenhoff Lyons

Julie Tenhoff Lyons wrote on 02/21/15 2:00 PM

Yes, Sue, I sure would! Though I don't have a lot of money to spend on yarn and do have quite a "stash," when I can't find something in my stash, I am almost always looking for a "different" yarn
se Shildmyer

se Shildmyer wrote on 02/21/15 2:28 PM

I would love a deal like this. It is so difficult to find appropriate yarns for standard gauge, especially at a reasonable price. Tanks for all you do for the "forgotten" knitters. Your site is much appreciated for the learning resources as well
Goldie Robinson

Goldie Robinson wrote on 02/21/15 2:52 PM

I am just learning the machine, but YES I would be interested in these yarns.

lorraine wrote on 02/21/15 3:59 PM

I would enjoy small batches of yarns already available too, like Diamonte etc. Sometimes you need an accent color to make something pop but you don't want to buy a whole cone of neon orange. Just a row or two here or there. Need yarns for how people knit. Like gradient colors - did you ever try to buy 4 shades of red to do an ombre effect? And if you do variegated, you need matching solids. I'm tired of trying to match a certain shade of blue or green in a yarn of similar type and weight - you end up pairing with black or white. I don't know too many 100% variegated projects that people actually can wear.
Sue Andrews

Sue Andrews wrote on 02/21/15 4:07 PM

I have no problem buying balled yarn in packs if the colors are better and the price reasonable.
Lois O'Brien

Lois O'Brien wrote on 02/21/15 5:27 PM

Would be interested in 100 Gm balls for standard machine if they were in more fashionable colours. The colour selection for machine knitting does not compare with the hand knitting choice. Must be able to pull easily from the inside of the ball.
Anne Lavene

Anne Lavene wrote on 02/22/15 2:33 AM

Balls ! The trouble with balls ( after knitting with cones for years ) are the constant ' Ends ' to sort out, and winding the yarn onto cones, takes ages. Just last week I made a cadigan for a client who had chosen yarn from a local hand knitting shop. Beautiful 100% Merino. The request was for a half patterned design - with a plain top section. I decided to use tuck stich, . . Hand crochet the finished knitted sections together, now the ' Cardi ' is reversible. To see the results look on Twitter @knitlavene. To sum up, ' Balls to Balls ' ! X
Patricia Scarlett

Patricia Scarlett wrote on 02/22/15 7:02 AM

I'm interested in the coned yarns in cotton, rayon, linen, silk & wool (or blends). I have 2 fine gauge machines (SK830 & SK270) & 2 standard gauge machines. I knit mostly in cotton. I'm interested in you're selections.
Judy Blomgren

Judy Blomgren wrote on 02/22/15 11:59 AM

I don't mind balls of yarn if they are good quality. I wind them to find knots, or other imperfections before I start on a project. And I have been surprised at some of the "better" yarns that have those nasty knots in them.
Marie Rogers

Marie Rogers wrote on 02/22/15 1:25 PM

Cotton, or any other natural fiber, yes.
Francine Deguire

Francine Deguire wrote on 02/24/15 7:07 PM

I am interested on natural fiber for my standard machine. A good selections a fashionable colours.

Evelyn wrote on 03/10/15 12:52 PM

I have a mid gauge (sk 160) and am always looking for cones of natural fibers -bamboo, merino, silk and wool blend- anything that feels soft. Thanks Sue.

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