Videos: Even better than ever!

Have you had trouble viewing some of our videos in the past?

For easy access on all the various devices and browsers available, we’ve moved all of our Learning Library videos to a new platform.

This investment will not only make it easier for you to view our tutorials on more devices, it will allow us to do some exciting new things with the website.

5 1/2 years . . . we are still growing and improving to help you be a better machine knitter.

This change impacts all knitters who enjoy the Knit it Now website. Subscribers, members, newbies and experienced knitters.

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 01/18/2016 at 9:21 PM | Categories:


Meg Stiles

Meg Stiles wrote on 01/19/16 9:33 AM

Thank you so much! I know this was a ton of hard work; you have so many videos. I can now use my iPad for everything on your site. Hooray!

Andrea wrote on 01/20/16 12:09 PM

I love this site!!!!

James wrote on 01/21/16 12:03 PM

I love that you've moved to vimeo. It's a wonderful place to have the videos.
Stevie Spain

Stevie Spain wrote on 07/19/16 6:55 PM

Its great that we now have easier access to your Learning Library.

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