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Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 02/25/2014 at 8:58 AM | Categories:


Diane Roch

Diane Roch wrote on 03/04/14 9:58 PM

There are many swatching instructions for plain knitting and some patterns that the stitches can easily be counted, but can you please show instructions how to count a swatch for weaving stitches, thread lace or lace swatches when you have spaces between stitches or the stitches don't show themselves easily. I can't find that anywhere in Knit It Now. Thanks in advance for your wonderful website and look forward to hearing from you. ~~~~~~~~~ Diane, Thank you for the excellent suggestion! We've just added a new tutorial with tips for swatching in pattern. It's part of a new "series" (aptly named "Swatching is NOT optional")
Nancy Mangeri

Nancy Mangeri wrote on 03/16/14 10:27 PM

We all need encouragement to swatch... and any tips and techniques to speed up or simplify the process is welcomed with open arms...even from us "old timers"!

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