At the same time ....

Often when knitting sweaters you are instructed to work shaping "at the same time". Whenever I see this instruction in a hand or machine knitting pattern, I immediately get out a pencil and start creating myself a cheat sheet.

Here's an example of a Knit it Now Dynamic pattern. The neck shaping and shoulder shaping are worked at the same time.

If you fail to read ahead, you may start knitting your neckline shaping and then realize you should have also worked the shoulder shaping "at the same time".


Put your pencils away! We've updated our Dynamic patterns to include a chart to help you navigate "at the same time". Follow row by row and keep track of your shaping as you go.



Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 10/30/2014 at 11:00 AM | Categories: Machine Knitting Patterns -


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