Make it YOUR WAY! Weekend Tee Revisited

Don't be a slave to knitting patterns!  Use your skills and techniques to make your projects your own.

Our popular Weekend Tee pattern was first knit in a ribbon yarn.  Originally named "make-it-in-a-weekend-tee", it was knit in plain stockinette, with rolled edges and quick crochet trim.  Fast techniques to get it done quickly.






Take a look at the revised version.  It is knit in a dress yarn with lots of "designer" details to dress it up.

One feature is side slits. You can add these to any sweater for a special touch.

Click here for our latest tutorial featuring slit finishing techniques


Machine knit sweater

Not only did we re-knit the sweater, we've updated the patttern to make construction even easier, AND to give you even more design options.

What about a different stitch pattern for the center front yoke? Hmmmmm .... I need to knit another.... so many ideas!  so little time!!!

machine knit sweater

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 08/13/2013 at 5:49 AM | Categories:


Nancy Penney

Nancy Penney wrote on 08/13/13 10:47 AM

The neckline is so very attractive. I will need to make a longer sleeve to cover 'too heavy', very long arms.

Jeannie wrote on 08/13/13 11:10 AM

Lovely, Sue. Just lovely.
Cheryle Cox

Cheryle Cox wrote on 08/13/13 12:10 PM

It looks lovely. I too would need longer sleeves, maybe elbow length as I have really skinny arms. Perfect for a semi casual or smart evening out.

Karen wrote on 08/13/13 1:22 PM

Lovely details. A big decorative button or pin on the 'lapel' would add interest. Count me in for the long sleeves, too!
jane kruse

jane kruse wrote on 08/13/13 2:36 PM

I LOVE this, and I can do this! Would love to see the original make-it-in-a-weekend-tee! new to KIN, so I will explore the pattern section! Thanks, the inspiration is awesome. AND, my machine is NOT calling, the G carriage is running as we speak! Ha! Jane

cynthia wrote on 08/13/13 4:32 PM

that is so lovely. i need to make myself one of them. i prefer the one without the buttons

Gloria wrote on 08/14/13 8:21 AM

Any chance I could get copy please so I can put on my list I make something for someone then me Gloria, I tried to reply personally, but your email address is incorrect. Please email Knit it Now, or use the contact us link. ***** Here's a link to the pattern*****

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