Garment Darts - Why?

Adding darts to the body of a sweater can aid fit as well as add dramatic designer touches.

Bust darts add length to the center front of a sweater

By using short rows, you keep the front and back side seams equal in length and add length to the center front only.



For maternity sweaters (or men with a "front shelf") add some short row shaping for added length in the waist area.


Remember, by using short rows, you are not changing the length of the side seams, so the front and backs will match.

As we age, our posture changes. Sometimes we need extra length for the back of our sweaters.

Add a bit of short row shaping just below the back neck shaping.

Again, using short rows, you don't impact the armhole opening, you are just adding length to the center back


Use this same concept for designer shaping ... imagine a long, draping back hem or dramatic lace sleeves flowing to the fingertips....
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