Machine Knitting Abbreviations

First up on the Masters Level 1 Program is a discussion about machine knitting abbreviations. (One of my personal irritations with printed patterns .... I'm struggling to stay off my soap box)

We've been asked to define approximately 80 abbreviations.

In doing the required research (no guessing allowed), I came across a few amusing abbreviations that aren't included in the program.

  1. Fig of 8
  2. pc
  3. sd
  4. J & B (you have to have been around for quite a long time to know this one ...)
  5. COBH



Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 03/28/2011 at 1:28 PM | Categories:


Carol F Metzger

Carol F Metzger wrote on 03/29/11 3:28 PM

1. a cast on for double bed 2. no idea 3. South Dakota? 4. Jones & Brothers, of course. 5. Cast On Behind Head???

LeAnn wrote on 04/07/11 1:53 AM

Cast on behind head, haha! I too have a pet peeve with abbreviations. People think you just know them all!

Val wrote on 04/17/11 1:48 AM

1. Kathleen Kinder used to write about a Figure of 8 graft technique. 2. PC is punch card 3. SD is Selector Dial (Passap) 4. Jones & Brother 5. Cast on by hand

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