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Ellen Kindsvater from Southern California designed this beautiful pullover design and incorporated a "pull-up" stitch pattern that she had seen many years ago. 

The pullover is a v-neck with gussets inserted above the waist to add a fluid drape in the waist area and over the hips.  The sides drape below the center front and back hemlines for an updated, feminine style.

The Honeycomb stitch pattern is added to shoulder extensions that add interest to the sweater as well as structure.

Crochet edges keep the design clean and simple.


Ellen discovered that the stitch pattern as written in the original magazine was incorrect. She took the time to recreate the Honeycomb stitch and share the stitch pattern and her detailed notes with us.
Machine_knit_v_pullover Machine_knit_v_pullover
Yarns we suggest:
Knit it Now Dynamic Pattern

With the Knit it Now DYNAMIC PATTERN Use any yarn at any gauge! Substitute any stitch pattern for the shoulder extensions.

Included with the pattern:

DAK stitch pattern file
Punchcard template
Video Stitch Pattern Tutorial

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Morag Walker

Morag Walker wrote on 03/28/15 3:22 PM

This looks gorgeous.

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