Top Down for Toddlers

Top Down for Toddlers
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  This collection of adorable sweaters is a study in creativity. The authors created patterns in basics shapes in their top down, “no seam” / “no fuss” style.
They then challenged 6 knitting designers to create their own versions.They gave each designer free reign to let their creative ideas run wild! The results are inspirational!

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Dust off your knitting machine, adapt these designs, use your favorite top down pattern or use one of Jodie Raymond’s books. (Available for immediate download from Knit it Now)

Included with the book is an author approved (she's a machine knitter), 10 page white paper that will help you incorporate the creative design details shown in the Cabin Fever Book with your knitting machine.
This book is written for hand knitters, but with a little planning, thought and the included white paper, machine knitters can copy these fun, updated designs. Order your copy and be prepared to be inspired!
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