Slouchy Hat

machine knit slouchy hat pattern
click here for  the Dynamic pattern for this hat. Use any machine and any yarn!
Yarn: Tamm Bebe Print
Basic Construction:
  • Cast on with waste yarn and hang a ribber comb
  • Knit a few rows and knit 1 row of ravel cord
  • E-Wrap cast on 19" for band
  • Knit 10 rows in stockinette for rolled edge
  • Transfer stitches to the ribber for 2x2 ribbing
  • Knit 2" in ribbing
  • Transfer all stitches to the main bed
  • Knit 1 row
  • Remove work on waste yarn or garter bar, turn and re-hang
  • Set your machine for tuck (tuck will give a wider fabric for the body of the hat
  • Knit 8" in tuck
  • Transfer every other needle to it's neighbor and put the emptied needles in out of work position
  • Knit 2" over every other needle
  • Break the yarn. Using a double eye needle, remove all the stitches on the tail of yarn
  • Gather the top of the hat and secure
  • Seam the hat and enjoy!
Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 11/13/2013 at 6:19 PM | Categories:


Judy anderson

Judy anderson wrote on 11/14/13 10:01 AM

Is this for standard machine? ~~~ The sample is knit on the standard, but you could knit it on any machine ~~Sue
Cris Marin

Cris Marin wrote on 11/14/13 8:32 PM

I would love to have the "real pattern"! If it costs something, let me know. I have a standerd machine and a ribber. Thanks! Cris ~~~~~~~ Watch your inbox, the pattern will be ready shortly ! Sue ~~~~~~~~
Diane Roch

Diane Roch wrote on 11/15/13 5:02 PM

Great little hat. I've been looking for a MK pattern for a slouchy hat for quite some time, though it's not too hard to figure out that adding rows when knitting the tuque/hat/beret is all that is needed. This one has an extra nice look to it because of the tuck pattern.

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