Make it in a weekend - easy knitting!

This weekend Matt and his wife were doing a little shopping. Since being involved with Knit it Now, he's always on the lookout for knits and yarn.

He called me all excited about something they found.  During the video chat, he told me how easy the shawl/poncho would be to knit.  Isn't it funny when a non-knitter tells you how easy something is?

Anyways, he was right. We added this as a new weekend project.  Honestly, a long rectangle and one seam ... how much easier can you get?

I love the shape. Fussing with shawls and shawl pins is not my thing .... pop this one over your head and it stays put ... while keeping your shoulders warm.  Perfect for air-conditioned theaters. It also leaves your hands free when the temp dips in your office.

I'm planning one in a Fisherman Rib or English Rib - laceweight Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool/Silk .... yummmm!! 

What stitch pattern and yarn will you choose?


machine knit shawl poncho

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 07/11/2016 at 3:58 PM | Categories: Inspiration for machine knitters - Machine Knitting Patterns -



Jeannie wrote on 07/12/16 9:31 AM

I've seen so many of these toppers lately---in every type of yarn from inexpensive acrylics to cashmere. Price points from $20 to $200. Such an easy thing to knit!

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