One little change makes all the difference ....

One stitch pattern .... 3 ways.

Looking for something new?  Try different variations on a stitch pattern.  

This is a basic 4 row tuck stitch that can be done on any machine.




Add a single row of a contrasting color.





Both knit side and purl side are beautiful!


Lots of yarn ends with knitting a single row of color, but soooo worth it!



Alternating 4 rows for stripes of color.


Do you have any other ideas for variations?


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Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 06/10/2016 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Inspiration for machine knitters - Stitch Techniques -



ELLEN LEBELLE wrote on 06/11/16 11:30 AM

I love these ideas for doing other things with patterns.
Diane Myers Pederson

Diane Myers Pederson wrote on 06/11/16 1:52 PM

Talk about doing a lot with a little. Makes one feel absolutely frugal! And how neat to be able to do all this, with gifts and such. The same pattern can be reproduced and look entirely different for each item. Neat!
Christiane Williams

Christiane Williams wrote on 06/12/16 7:11 AM

love the pattern I will try it using one main color and changing color every 8 rows... see what happens
Morag Walker

Morag Walker wrote on 06/14/16 11:19 AM

These are gorgeous. I must try THAT!!!
Margaret  Wojak

Margaret Wojak wrote on 06/17/16 11:44 AM

Lovely, i will give it a try
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michael kors replica wrote on 07/05/16 2:32 AM

Lots of yarn ends with knitting a single row of color, but soooo worth it!

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