NOW Cables

Try knitting ever-popular cables with dropped stitches or needles out of work (NOW) for an edgy fabric.

machine knit cables


Dropping stitches allows more "give" when crossing large cables. PLUS this creates floats that show off the yarn construction and creates a lighter, more open fabric than solid cables.

Imagine a shawl knit from side to side. Gravity would keep the openwork strands open.

machine knit cables

For less drama, work smaller cables.
machine knit cables

machine knit cables

For these 2x2 cables:

  • Start by knitting across all the stitches on the needlebed.
  • Knit a few rows
  • Identify and mark your cable needles
  • *Drop one stitch to the right and left of each cable (needles 3, 8, 9 and 14 in the chart)
  • Cross the cables 2 stitches over 2 stitches as in the chart
  • Make sure all the needles are in working position
  • Knit 4 rows over all needles*
  • Repeat from * to * for the desired length.

TIP: Dropping the stitches creates longer strands than just leaving needles out of work. Try it both ways and see for yourself!

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Ann wrote on 07/03/14 11:23 AM

very interesting. When I'm finished with some of my projects, I will give it a try. My niece and my youngest sons fiancé like shawls.
Pat Olsen

Pat Olsen wrote on 07/03/14 12:04 PM

Very good information and easy enough to try this afternoon.
Donna Blakey

Donna Blakey wrote on 07/03/14 8:48 PM

I like doing cables now that I know how and these look very interesting to try!

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