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When knitting pullover sweaters for babies and kids, it's important to make sure the neck opening will fit over the head.  Looking at sizing charts, 3 month heads are 15". Neck openings are 4.5".  Yes, knitting stretches, but leaving one shoulder open is the answer for a sweater that will be worn.


Knitters have 2 choices:

neckline finished for kids sweaters
  • Knit the front and back pieces as instructed
  • Join the right shoulder
  • Knit and attach the neck band per the pattern
  • On the left back shoulder pick up stitches and knit a band. Knit in ribbing and bind off or knit a doubled band, fold over and secure.
  • On the left front shoulder work the same style of band, adding buttonholes
neckbands for child's pullover
  • Knit the front and back pieces as instructed, removing the left shoulders on waste yarn.
  • Join the right shoulder
  • re-hang the left back shoulder stitches and knit in ribbing or a doubled band
  • re-hang the left front shoulder stitches and work the same style of band, adding buttonholes
  • Pick up the neck band, including the edge of the shoulder bands and work as directed in your pattern.

NOTE: Don't forget about the sleeves!
Let's say you knit 1/2" bands at the left shoulder. Overlap the front over the back and you will be adding 1/2" to the armhole opening. Depending on the size sweater you are knitting and the gauge of your yarn, you may be able to just work this into the sleeve cap seam.

If not, you may want to adjust the sleeve cap slightly or knit fewer rows on the garment pieces at the left shoulder.

kids necklines for machine knitting

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thank you for this, really pleased with this tip.

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