What is a ribber?

If you are new to machine knitting, you may hear references to a ribber or you may have asked how you can knit both knit and purl stitches using a domestic knitting machine.

When you add a ribber to your knitting machine, you supplement your main knitting bed with another bed that is joined so the needles oppose each other. Because the main bed needles face one direction, they form knit stitches with each pass of the carriage (with the purl side facing you)

The ribber is placed so it forms purl stitches (with the knit side facing you. Working both beds at the same time allows you to combine both knit and purl stitches. You can create ribbing .... and so much more!

Using a knitting machine with a ribber opens a whole other world to your knitting!

  2 knitting beds facing each other  allow both knit and purl stitches to be formed

The angles of our Japanese machines (Singer/Silver, Brother/Knit King, etc) are more like this.

knitting machine ribber

knitting machine ribber

If you've never used your ribber or you've only used it for 1x1 ribbing, this course is for you!


  knitting machine ribber

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Kesha Peoples

Kesha Peoples wrote on 05/29/14 5:02 PM

I would love to use my ribber and my knitting machine more for that matter, but I cannot get my ribber to line up properly. And I am unable to locate anyone in the Richardson, TX area to help set it up properly. Such a waste of an awesome machine and all the endless possibilities.

~~~~~ Have you tried to adjust the ribber using the tips in the book http://www.knititnow.com/store/product/301/make-your-knitting-machine-sing/itemdetails">Make your Knitting Machine Sing?

Written for Brother machines, I'm sure the concepts are the same for other models. ~~~~~Sue

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