Entire Learning Library now viewable on the iPad

Do you use an iPad near your knitting machine? Now you can watch ALL of our tutorials without running to your desktop computer.

When we started Knit Now, no one imagined the popularity of the iPad. The software we used to create our early tutorials wasn't compatible.

We updated many of them to video ... but honestly it's much more fun to cover new topics than re-work old tutorials!

We are excited to announce that we've updated all of the older tutorials. They remain in "presentation" style, but the information they contain is invaluable!

If you've been hesitating to subscribe because of this issue, please reconsider!
Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 01/13/2015 at 6:49 PM | Categories: General Info -



Lynn wrote on 01/13/15 7:12 PM

This is great news. I have subscribed sincd the beginning. Just love it. Thanks for your effort.

Annelise wrote on 01/15/15 12:29 PM

To Lynn's comment thank you for your effort. It is obviously the next step and you are indeed looking after your faithful followers and it is much appreciated. Tried to find it on ITunes store but could not. When is it coming? Can't wait. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We updated the format of the older tutorials for the iPad. An app is an entirely different animal. Stay tuned ... we have some things in the works for the new year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sue
Meg Stiles

Meg Stiles wrote on 01/16/15 8:48 AM

Thanks so much to listening to your survey feedback about this particular issue. I'm excited to see all of your videos now! Thanks for the hard work in making the conversion.

Marolyn wrote on 01/18/15 6:53 PM

This is great! Haven't been able to view video for awhile now. Thanks

Linuxgirl wrote on 09/18/15 2:53 AM

How about Android? Does everything work there? ~~~~~~YES! the issue was iPad only ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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