Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns

Features of Dynamic Patterns

1. Use any yarn, any machine - no math required!

2. 1 size is listed - no need ot highlight numbers

3. Clear shaping instructions - row counts are provided at each step

4. Patterns are dynamically generated in YOUR size in YOUR gauge

5. You can substitute stitch patterns.  Just enter your gauge

6. You can enter different gauges for different pieces - for example, sleeves in lace, body in stockinette

7. Size the pattern as many times as you like (with the same gauge)

8. Build the pattern up to 3 times (with different gauges)

9. Machine knitting version shows row counts.  Hand knitting version shows measurments

10. Choose Inches or Centimeters for pattern dimensions

View a short video:
Dynamic Patterns in Action!
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