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If you've followed Knit it Now for any time, you'll know that we aren't shy about trying new things. Our goal is to use current technology to help you be a better machine knitter.

Our newest addition, "The Basics" is another step towards this goal.

  • No more having to match gauge
  • Use your favorite machine (or 2 sticks!)
  • Use the yarn of your choice
  • No cryptic abbreviations
  • No math!

Please take a moment to let us know what you think of this concept and our patterns. Reply to this email or Contact us


If you haven't tried a Knit it Now dynamic pattern, there is one in your library. Click Account, click the pattern in your library and follow the steps.


Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 05/30/2013 at 5:36 AM | Categories:


Diana L. Brown

Diana L. Brown wrote on 05/30/13 11:12 AM

Dear Sue J. and Company! Thank you so much for your excellent work on Knit It Now. I am a relatively new member (Dec, 2012) and an even newer knitter. This site has everything I need and I am completely out of excuses about finally getting started learning machine knitting. The two free monthly 'Basics' patterns pushed me over the edge and I have promised myself I will get started today. Thank you for doing what you do so well. Your site fills a tremendous void for many of us as finding a living, breathing knitting machine teacher in these times is getting harder and harder to do. KIN meets that need. Bravo! Mrs. Diana L. Brown Central California, USA
Jean Guenther

Jean Guenther wrote on 05/30/13 3:49 PM

Sue, This looks great. This is a great site and you are really keeping the patterns updated. Thanks Jean
Eileen B

Eileen B wrote on 06/02/13 3:09 PM

Hi Sue, I took some time today to play with The Basics. I am delighted that you have created this tool for us. I am doing more infant and toddler knitting for family now, and your basic sizing is so very helpful to figure out what is appropriate for a baby who lives miles away. The Basics are very easy to use. I love the complete instructions for one size that I can print out and take to the machine. A lot of thought has gone into this program, and it shows. It is easier to use (and no upgrades needed!) than the desktop knit design software. With the lack of patterns in the machine knitting field, this program fills a big gap. Plus, you have hand knitting options too! Great! The Basics foster creativity without the stress of designing from scratch. Thank you so much for bringing it to us. Kudos to the programmer for all this effort! It is well worth it.
Sue Jalowiec

Sue Jalowiec wrote on 06/03/13 6:51 AM

Thank you Eileen! Kids sizes are coming, along with sleeveless styles and sideways knit sweaters ... Stay tuned

Tom wrote on 06/03/13 8:34 AM

Excellent approach, easy, simple and machine knitters could not have it easier

Robin wrote on 06/03/13 8:41 AM

I think the addition of these basic patterns is a wonderful idea! I was so excited to be able to use my own yarn and stitch pattern to create something

Jean wrote on 06/03/13 8:42 AM

This is a great site and you are really keeping the patterns updated

Florence wrote on 06/03/13 8:43 AM

I love your addition of the basic patterns and plan to make good use of them. What a great idea! I've noticed that every service or group I subscribe to is great in the beginning but then the price increases tremendously for the same services or services are severely curtailed "due to rising costs," causing me a great deal of unhappiness and usually cancellation of the service. Knit it Now is just the opposite. Not only do I get the great tutorials, tips, patterns and yarn deals that I originally signed on for, but you continue to add value with more and more goodies (like this basic pattern idea) at no additional cost. I've been with Knit it Now probably two years now and I am so pleased. I enjoy getting the tip videos and have learned many new things. I use the library frequently for advice on various techniques such as cut and sew and look forward to the deals on my favorite yarns. You are a machine knitter's best friend. Thank you

anonymous wrote on 06/03/13 8:45 AM

I think the new idea is great!

anonymous wrote on 06/03/13 8:45 AM

I am not afraid of the "math"' but it is time consuming, so it is nice tombe able to spend the time knitting rather than calculating. I especially like the darts being done automatically

anonymous wrote on 06/03/13 8:46 AM

Thanks for this wonderful resource.

anonymous wrote on 06/03/13 8:47 AM

I think "The Basics" sounds like a wonderful idea - I can't wait to try it! I have been a happy subscriber to Knit it Now for a number of years and plan to continue.

Ann wrote on 06/03/13 8:49 AM

I would LOVE this, but as of now the cost to join your site prevents me from utilizing it. :) ********* NOTE: Patterns are only $5 - You do not need to be a subscriber! ~sue *********

anonymous wrote on 06/03/13 8:49 AM

I very much like the "dynamic patterns"!! I was good at the math, but never did like it!!!

anonymous wrote on 06/03/13 8:50 AM

This is fabulous! I know I will be using the basics for my next sweater. I haven’t been machine knitting much for so many reasons – no pattern inspiration, patterns that are too hard, too lazy to work with Garment Designer, no longer have DAK on my PC, very frustrated at the fit of standard patterns. I am so glad you have brought the basics to us. Thank you! Great idea – and so much work to get it all programmed. Kudos!

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