Knit with 2 Carriages

Although this isn't a new idea, here's a celebrity knitter who really puts her machines to work!
Utilizing an electronic machine with 2 knitting carriages, actress Karen Allen creates beautiful, colorful knitting. She uses this inventive technique to blend beautiful colorways.


  • Blend variegated yarns to prevent pooling
  • Mix mis-matched dye lots of yarn by knitting random rows of each yarn
  • Stripes without switching yarns on both patterning and non-patterning machines
  • Mix 'n match stitch patterns with sections of plain knitting without programming or punching a card
  • What would you do with 2 carriages?

Visit Karen Allen's Studio

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 02/05/2016 at 11:08 AM | Categories: Inspiration for machine knitters -



L wrote on 05/18/16 6:07 PM

I would love to try this. Would a Brother 950 carriage work on a 965i?

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