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Do you use Design a Knit?  Did you know that you can change the formatting of the Garment Notation printout for patterns?

When you first install DAK, and print your first pattern you'll see something like this.



There isn't much room to play, but you can improve the instructions to be more clear when you are knitting.

r143:-1s 3r 26x

Both translate to: Row 143: Decrease 1 stitch every 3 rows 26 times.

We have a tutorial in the Knit it Now Learning Library that walks you through the process of editing the settings so your patterns are more readable. Search the Learning Library for "Japanese Notation"


BETTER YET ....... Use Knit it Now Pattern Engine patterns - they need NO TRANSLATION!


The row numbers are shown to perform the decreases as well as the stitch count.


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